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How we do it

Here’s why we are so great.

Customer Focus

What makes our works unique is the extreme personalization and attention we place in them.
All the phases of the work are carried out in close contact with you, listening and fulfilling every single request.

Meticulous planning

A costume or a weapon must be beautiful and comfortable.
Thanks to the 3D design of our models and a meticulous phase of testing we can guarantee both these features to you.

Faultless realization

Our handcrafts blend together with cutting-edge technologies for absolutely exceptional results. from 3D printing to the use of the best materials to guarantee comfort, safety and aesthetic perfection.

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About Veronica

I’m Veronica and I was born in 1989.
As passions I have always had animals, art, sport and science.

I started creating handcrafts at the age of 7 helping my grandfather and father in small carpentry jobs and building carnival masks with my mother.
My grandfather is an expert watchmaker and from him I learned the art of creating the dials of my pendulums.

After having achieved several competitive goals in sport I decided to graduate in kinesiology and specialize in rehabilitation. This goal has always been flanked by my passion for cinema and special effects, started with cosmaking in 2009 and concluded in 2014 at the Giffoni Film Festival where I was guest.

Some injuries have made the work of maker prevail over the work of kinesiologist even if in the future I do not exclude my definitive cooperation with some orthopedic technicians for the aesthetics of prostheses.

In recent years, collaborations with important realities related to the world of cinema and entertainment have strengthened my bond with this art, bringing me to take it with an increasingly professional view without sacrificing in any way my passion and my dedication.